Studio Sunday #1

My last 24 hours were so productive. I needed the whole saturday to get motivated enough for sewing but then it was as if I couldn’t stop anymore. Haha. No, actually I didn’t want to! So I sewed a top, a pullover, two jersey dresses (1 of them), a skirt (lying upon another in the picture) and my first jeans! I’m so proud and happy! The Jeans fits so well and I still have two more fabrics I bought to sew more jeans/trousers. Sewing them took some hours ( I don’t know the exact term, but I guess it took 4-6 hours). I think the more I practice sewing jeans it would take me less time! 
I love sundays for things like baking, cooking, sewing, rearranging things or rooms, making plans, collecting ideas and taking pictures. I think it will be a series called „Studio Sunday“. Our studio is a big room in our apartment and we’ve three sewing machines and a lot of other things there. I still have some fabric and ideas and I’ll take some pictures of the results when the lights better, so not tonight! 
Spend your (free) time with doing things you love!