Inspiration: A Beautiful Mess blog by Elsie and Emma

I really love their blog! It’s so inspiring everytime I look around on their blog and see the nice pictures. Now I’ll present you their posts with the titles: 5 Tips…. 
The first one is 5 Tips for Small Business Owners. I share this one with you,’cause I’d like to own a shop oneday, too. I don’t know exactly what kind of shop. I’d liketoown a fashion boutique with sewed and designed clothes and accessory by myself. Or maybe a little café….


The next one is  5 Tips for Bloggers. These tips are great. And 5 Tips for Prolific Living makes me smile. It’s great to get motivation by reading wonderful lists. I often do my own ones, but with little things and things I have to do at one day or in a week. I definitely should do more things with pictures. Make some collages and add writing on it. I get so inspired by their posts. 
( pictures are from Elsie & Emma! )

Bisous bisous, Luu

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