Selfmade coconut and almond spread

Super easy and fast spread. All you need for it is a blender and these ingredients: coconut flour, almond chips, coconut milk, sweetener. Now you can go and add as much things as you want!
Coconut and Almond Spread:

– 1 Handvoll Kokosraspeln ( 1 handful coconut flour)
1 Handvoll Mandelsplitter ( 1 handful almond chips)
1 EL Agavensirup (1 Tbsp agave syrup)
– 2 EL Kokosmilch (( 2 Tbsp coconut milk), add a little bit more if you need it)

-> mix everything in a blender, ‚till it’s super smooth! 
-> things I’d add to this spread: cacao powder, any flavour (syrup), dates, or use any other nuts (cashews, walnuts, etc.)

Enjoy eating your bread. This recipes is for a little serving ( for about 5 slices of bread).
Bisous bisous, Luu

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